Does this sound like you?

  • You enjoy eating bread, pasta, crackers, chips, cookies, cakes, candy, or chocolate.
  • You suffer from sugar cravings that are controlling your life.
  • You find yourself wanting something sweet when upset, bored, or even happy.
  • You experience inflammation in your body in the form of bloating, gas, joint pain, or digestive upset.
  • You suffer from sugar related illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.
  • You feel like there’s nothing you can do to stop yourself because you don’t know where to start.

Welcome Dear Friend!  

You are in the right place.  

As a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach (AADP), I’m confident I can help you change your relationship with sugar — for good!

You can release your dependence on sugar!

You can experience weight melting away!

You can feel energized and free from worry and anxiety!

You deserve to awaken to the SWEETNESS of life!

  Let me help you decode your cravingsdetermine which foods fuel your unique bodyditch the inflammation, and discover ways to allow you to relax and breathe. Let’s get started!  


 Don’t just take my word for it!   Here’s what clients have to say!

Diane Morris“This program has been challenging and rewarding! I have learned to say No to my flesh and survive. I didn’t follow the program to a T, but I did stay with it. I have lost weight. I have lots of energy. I have loved waking in the morning and sensing hunger instead of feeling full from eating too late and too much the night before. I thought I liked vegetables, but I’ve learned to love vegetables and appreciate the health component. Thanks for the recipes, I will continue to experience good food, good health and share the experience with people I love.” Diane Morris   Willie Blue“[The program] proved to be a wonderful experience and with great success. I am telling you this with great excitement. My lab work came back with better numbers than I have had since before 1984. I am fully aware that my accomplishments were not due to my dedication and will power alone. My success would not be possible without your program and your loyal personal support. So this is a thank-you note—for introducing me to your program and sticking by to ensure that I would be a success. I recommend this program to anyone that is serious about improving their health status.” Willie Blue   Mom photo“[The program] was a great success for me.  I followed the plan and experienced the following benefits:  Improved thinking, better digestive flow and regularity, super energy, lost at least five pounds and still losing, enjoyed eating new fresh foods and learned to plan ahead and prepare meals.   My husband had always rejected fresh vegetables, and since some of the meals looked so tasty,  he saw how I was enjoying the foods and acquired a taste for the healthier meals I prepared during detox and transition.  He lost 14 pounds just eating colorful, delicious looking foods in front of him.  And, there has been a tremendous increase in his stamina and deduction in stress when managing the people at work. We now have a variety of enjoyable, healthy meals and snacks to choose.  We are taking each day at a time and living in the present moment of “freshness” spiritually, emotionally, physically and what we feed our bodies.   Thank you for introducing a “simply-healthy” style of life to us. Forever thankful.”  Pearlie Anderson