Wild Oregano Oil

wild oregano oil

I have personally seen this NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC at work.

I had a toe infection that I could not shake, even with the potent Z-Pac antibiotic. So, I decided to give a natural remedy a try…AND IT WORKED! I recently learned that my uncle has been using this for years and is a believer in its healing power as well.

This herb, native to the Mediterranean region, contains antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It essentially relieves the pain, fights the infection, and then heals the damaged cells. Powerful stuff!

Here is just some of what Wild Oregano Oil can cure:
Athletes foot
Intestinal gas
Yeast infections
Sore throat
Breathing difficulties
Diaper rash
Bee stings
Venomous bites
Reduce fever
Relieve cramps
Reduce the effects of measles and mumps
Nervous Tension
Cough due to whooping cough and bronchitis

Wild Oregano oil can be taken internally and/or applied externally. Since I was dealing with a bacterial infection, I did both.

It’s important to know alternative methods for healing that are available to us. These cures not only heal, but also add nourishment through the vitamins and minerals they provide as well.

What alternative remedies do you use? Please share!

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/024685_oregano_oil_of.html#ixzz1oNPVaoAG

Of course, speak to your doctor before trying anything new. Unfortunately, most doctors are not aware or on board with these types of remedies because it don’t bring in the big bucks.